1. Teaching as Volunteer

Teaching English in Nepal. In this program volunteers mainly support formal education and will teach English for 3 to 4 hours each day for 5 days a week in Pokhara and around Pokhara. Besides formal teaching, they will be involved in encouraging students to take initiation and organize extracurricular learning activities for life skills and personal development.

Government school children will be 5 to 16 years of age and the number of students per class can range from 20 to 60, however, volunteers will focus a great deal of their teaching groups before and after school.
ACDF can also provide opportunities for volunteers who are interested to teach after subjects like maths environment art,


2. Teaching English to Buddhist Monks in Pokhara

More than 130,000 Tibetans live in exile in India, Nepal, and Bhutan, and nearly 20 percent of those exiled live in Nepal. Although they are now free to practice their religion and rebuild their cultural heritage, they still face many hurdles in Tibet's neighboring countries, especially in Nepal. Education for Tibetan children is a high priority and the biggest challenge for them. Primary education schoolsócalled Tibetan Children's Villagesówere established by the Tibetan community in Nepal. These schools support religious Tibetan practices and provides education schooling in Buddhist philosophies as well as a variety of other areas such as English and computer skills.

As a volunteer in Teaching English to Buddhist Monks Program, you will provide basic conversational English instruction to Tibetan children in Pokhara region. Volunteers also organize games, paintings, drawings, and other creative activities. As a unique facet of this placement, volunteers will witness and participate in traditional Buddhist rituals.


3. Back to school program

From different kinds of the social cause makes many children are helpless so we have back to school programme. Besides these, they have hand to mouth problem, a lack of education or because of conflict some students are from school to field or elsewhere. So we have back to school program for these children. We visit them on the filed and ask them to back school again. We have providing them school fees schools materials Since 5 years we back 107 students of remote area around Annapurna to school. For this we need 50$ per year for each students. We award scholarships them and provide them necessary school materials. We think, ever Childs born with potentials but they donít get chance so we place.


2. C.L.C. program

C.L.C. means Community Learning Center. We had one community learning center this year we are going to build. It is under constructing community building you can see.

For new community building we needs your help. It is for those children to when we back from the community to school. You can help us (Click here...)

music sports and other vocational subjects.

4. Nepali Language Training / Culture Exchange

The language training to be provided by ACDF Nepal will be given with in the first week of the volunteers arrival in Pokhara. At first, the volunteers will spend their time by learning basic Nepali language classes and some terms (how to adjust into Nepali people) at this class.

Nepali cultural orientation/general exchange Nepali cultural Dance in the evening. Cultural tour of Pokhara valley : A guided tour of Pokhara valley will be organized to visit the important touristic, cultural and religious sites of the Pokhara valley (sight seen).

5. Environment Awareness

After completing different training of first week, volunteers will be placed with a Nepali family in one of the program village. The host family will live normally half hour from the school / environmental post. Volunters will teach environmental awarness at the local school club on the door to door of Nepali village each day. Sunday through Friday.

6. Volunteering in Nepal - Health and Sanitation Program

ACDF Nepal aims to mobilize volunteers with health backgrounds in rural places around Pokhara where people do not have access to any health institute, as the government is not able to provide adequate health services. On the other hand, rural Nepali people are after reluctant to go to the hospital and other modern health services because of orthodox thinking, superstition, and other cultural influnces. some Nepali people may visit a witch doctor when they are suffering from an illness, so they sometimes die without getting the benefit of modern medication. ACDF Nepal is playing an active role in linking these rural people with those around the world and within the country who are really eagar to serve the many needy people in Nepal's rural areas.

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